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In addition to my day job, I also run a blog called MassHipHop that displays up and coming hip hop artists from Massachusetts.


Below are a few websites that I designed while working at CommCreative over the past 6 years.

WebFont Awards

The web font awards is a contest sponsored by Monotype and Carsonified challenging web developers and designers to create a website using the latest web font technology of their choice. The site allows users the ability to vote, comment and share their favorite designs.

SBLI Coverage Estimator

Savings Bank Life Insurance needed a tool to help potential customers determine how much insurance coverage they need. With the Coverage Estimator the prospect would answer a series of questions and in the end would get an amount of coverage needed along with information to contact an SBLI agent. The dark blue background texture and black and white photography was part of a pre-established campaign and I was responsible for designing the UI elements and layout.


Berroco Yarn Website Concept

Berroco, a yarn company in North Smithfield, RI, was looking for a highly conceptual design for their website. For this concept I wanted to feature a slideshow of a clothesline featuring the many products made with yarn and also messaging that would click-through to different pages within the site. Visually I wanted to carry through the idea of hanging so for the social media icons and the newsletter sign-up box I included hanging objects. The client unfortunately went with a simpler more straight-forward layout but I would have liked to have seen this get developed. Oh well, you can't win them all.


CommCreative Unified Campaign Homepage Banner

CommCreative wanted to update their homepage banner with some fresh, fun graphics but also explain key points of our Unified Marketing strategy. The concept was to create some adjectives using the suffix "fied" and represent them through typography and illustration. The art was drawn using Photoshop and Illustrator. The campaign ran for a few months and has since been updated with a more business professional style banner.


Kitchen Center of Framingham

When Kitchen Center of Framingham wanted to redesign their website, I knew I wanted to make use of their gorgeous kitchen photos. The slideshow takes up most of the homepage and really draws the visitor into their beautiful kitchens. For the main slideshow, I decided to cut out the corners to resemble the edges often seen in some styles of cabinetry. This treatment is then carried throughout the site. The site features a lightbox gallery to display their variety of products.


Apple Tree Arts

Apple Tree Arts is a non-profit community school for the arts serving people of all ages throughout the Blackstone and Assabet Valleys in south central Massachusetts. Apple Tree Arts was looking to update their look as well as their functionality. Their new site, built using Drupal 7, includes the use of Web Fonts Technology, Shopping Cart to sign up for classes, Music Catalog and a robust Events Calendar.


MetroWest Physician Services

For the Metrowest Physician Services site it was important to have the physicians be the main focus on the homepage. It was also a goal to be easy for new patients to find a physician and request and appointment. This site features a JQuery slideshow displaying their network of doctors, a tabbed Health Resources section, WebFonts Technology and a MetroWest Health Scope Blog.

Experian QAS

Experian QAS, a leading provider of address data quality software and services, wanted characters created to help explain how their suite of products can help companies with their address data. The landing page borrows a vintage comic look and features a JQuery slider with navigation to display the heroes. To go along with the landing page was an 8-page comic book custom-illustrated by my co-worker, Mark Selewacz.


DBX-TV, one of the world’s leading audio-technology developers, was looking to redesign their website in order to better explain their technology to potential television manufacturers. The new site features a sleek interface, a Flash intro on the homepage and a robust Flash demo of their different audio products.

Atmospheric and Environmental Research

AER helps governments and businesses solve the world’s biggest climate issues. They prepare agencies like NOAA, NASA and the Department of Defense, along with large insurance, investment and energy companies to anticipate, manage, react to and profit from weather and climate related risk. Their site redesign was built in Drupal and features a flash intro that includes a built-in navigation displaying the specific industries they serve.

Boston Power

Boston-Power is a company who's lithium-ion battery technology platform brings the benefits of long life, fast charge, safety, and environmental sustainability to a broad range of markets such as Portable Power, Transportation, Utility Energy Storage, and Government. Their website redesign includes a big, JQuery powered slideshow on on the homepage as well as a simplified navigation and is built on the Drupal CMS.


WICN, New England Jazz station, needed both an updated look and an easier way to make updates to their website. For inspiration I used concert ticket stub which can be seen in the perforated look of the navigation as well as the background texture. The site was built on Drupal 7 and features an event calendar and the ability to listen live online. Since this is a non-profit organization it was important for people to be able easily donate, so they wanted the Pledge Now link to really stand out.

TTE Laboratories

TTE Laboratories is a nationally recognized leader of ISO-accredited pipette calibration services. The inspiration for the design came from circular shape of pipette trays. This site was designed in Drupal and features a JQuery slideshow on the homepage.

Adoption Choices

Since 1982, Adoption Choices, a non-profit, licensed adoption program, has been providing Massachusetts families with comprehensive adoption services. The goal for this project was to create a friendly, yet professional-looking website with a focus on children and families.


Monotype needed a couple contemporary homepage designs of ficticious companies to demonstrate their new web font technology to potential clients—mainly designers and agencies. I must say, it was quite refreshing to not have to use the standard fonts: Arial, Times New Roman and Verdana.

Collector Services

Collector Services needed a logo and website that would appeal to serious collectors of high-value possessions. Inspiration for the logo came from paintings that use a technique known as pointillism.

Restore Payments

Restore Payment Solutions provides insurance carriers an easier way to issue claims by offering the option of a debit card. This debit card can be used at all major retailers like Target, Sears, Kohls, Home Depot and more. For their corporate site they wanted to separate themselves from their competition, by using an "all icon" approach instead of your typical stock photography, which makes for a simple, unique-looking site.

D and M Landscape

D&M Landscape needed a brochure-style website to show the many services they provide. This site includes a porfolio of the client's work powered by the lightbox 2 javascript.